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George Warren Coaching

leadership and executive coaching

Live and work more adventurously

George is a Leadership and Executive Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

He is also a faculty member of the Academy of Executive Coaching where he trains new coaches.

His mission is to help leaders and aspiring leaders lead fulfilling careers while living adventurous lives.

my career journey

Find purpose, passion and authenticity in your career.

George understands first-hand the challenges leaders face from his 10 years as a Director, Internal Coach, and Board Member at a start-up.

From leading and expanding his teams across continents, diving into London’s standup comedy circuit, cycling solo from Tajikistan to Turkey to swimming from Europe to Asia,  the times he has achieved the most have been from stepping out of his comfort zone.  

He is deeply committed to helping others proudly stride out of your own comfort zone to achieve their dreams. He does so on a daily basis by coaching individuals and teams across the world to find clarity around their purpose and values in and outside of their careers, craft their own personal vision and from there turn it into a reality, with a sense of adventure, fun, curiosity and optimism.

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Programs to suit you

Whether you are a new leader or established executive, coaching increases effectiveness and enhances performance. It has the ability to transform the quality of your working and personal life.

While we are easing out of various lockdowns, what has become apparent is the crucial need for connectivity online. For that reason, all my sessions are currently being conducted online.

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Nature-led coaching is exactly as it sounds: coaching outside, surrounded by nature. As a lover of the outdoors, I understand and appreciate the benefit nature provides. Whether it’s wandering among woods or making plans in the mountains, coaching in the fresh air provides clarity and a fresh perspective.

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I can deliver coaching services to your team or a group of employees within your business. My approach is clear, fun and interactive.

I am hugely passionate about, but not limited, to these:
- what great customer service looks like
- coaching skills for managers
- emotional intelligence in the workplace
- what makes an excellent salesperson
- how to be happier and less stressed at work

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"I find it very soothing that your pace is quite chilled. I found George to be incredibly insightful and brilliantly helpful for my own personal development and brainspace."

Rosie, Founder

I took out a lot from it, and really helped me to look into myself a little bit more.

Enrica, Membership Manager

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